Clash of Magic APK Download (Official) 2021 – Gold, Gems and Elixir

The popular Clash of Magic APK that offers a stable gaming experience with quite a lot of pre-built mods, commands and other variations. It is basically an MMO strategy war game in which you build your own base and customize it to your liking, combat against other clashers, set up a clan of your own with your friends, and do everything that you normally do in Clash of Clans.

The concept of mods and private servers has become quite mainstream when it comes to mobile gaming and it’d be quite surprising to know if you’re not yet aware of what it is all about. However, if you love playing the popular Clash of Clans video game on your smartphone, it is highly likely that you know about the different mods and private servers available for the game.

clash of magic apk

The clash of magic is one such example and there are many others that exist as well. The clash of magic game is the modded version of the original Clash of Clans game and it comes with quite a lot of different customizations. Let’s find out more about it in detail.

Clash Of Magic APK

This mod version of clash of clans is based on quite a robust network of servers that is built with modularity at its core and offers a wide variety of game mods as well as in-game commands to provide gamers with an optimal experience. To be honest, what’s most annoying about the original COC war game is that your progress in the game is very slow and you have to wait for days until you gather enough resources to upgrade and then those upgrades take even more time.

But the very concept of gaming mods is that it tweaks things up and lifts any kind of limitations whatsoever to give you the most satisfying gaming experience. And, that’s probably the key reason behind preferring Clash Of Magic game over COC.

Clash of Magic APK File Details:

App Name Clash of Magic APK
Android Version 4.3 or Above
Latest Version 137.0
Total Downloads 1,000,000+
App size 147.8 MB
Root Required Not Required
Main Purpose Private Server of Clash of Clans
Last Updated 2 days ago

Download Clash Of Magic

There are four main servers and each of them has a unique set of features to offer. However, you can expect a similar basic gaming experience on all these severs with slight changes in key features.

The four Clash of Magic servers include:

  • Clash Of Magic S1 – The Black Magic
  • Clash Of Magic S2 – The Hall of Magic
  • Clash Of Magic S3 – The Power of Magic
  • Clash Of Magic S4 – The Power of Magic 2

Let’s find about each of these servers in detail.

Features of Clash of Magic

  • Unlimited resources ( gold, elixirs, dark elixirs )
  • Unlimited gems
  • No waiting time in upgrading
  • Clan system
  • Single Player all goblin stages available
  • Chat feature
  • 1v1 battles
  • You will get 99% up-time now
  • Tons and of in-game resources
  • Admin and advanced Commands to play in your own way
  • You will get the Self-attacking mode
  • 100% Working newly added “Clan feature”
  • Save and Resume your game where you have left before
  • New Pvp and Trophies are also added and will be unlocked easily

Requirements For Magic Servers

It requires a strong internet connection Mostly WIFI Connection is recommended
Location of the device may required Additional access
Access to storage Android 4.0 or above is required
Allow installation of third party apps

Clash Of Magic S1

Alternately known as The Black Magic, Clash of magic s1 is the mod version of the game. The gamers can enjoy all the mods available for the game when enjoying Clash of Magic on this server. Obviously, there is unlimited supply of resources and you have the liberty of constructing as many buildings as you like. The server offers commands and modes with no buying limit at all. This server is ideal for gamers who want to enjoy mods without any limits whatsoever. Some salient features of this server include:

  • Unlimited Resources
  • 1000 Purchasing Limit
  • Custom Mods
  • Zero Build Time
  • 1 Build Cost
  • Fast Speed

Clash Of Magic S2

The clash of magic s2 is also known as the Hall of Magic. You can create new buildings as in original game as well. What’s different here, however, is that there is a certain buying limit on commands and mods and you have to stick to it as you play the game. This server is for those who want limited access to mods.

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Normal buying limits
  • Custom Mods
  • 1 Build Cost
  • 0 Build Time

Clash Of Magic S3

The Clash of Magic S3 is known as The Power of Magic. If you want to play around with small tweaks, this is the mod for you. Here is a look at some other features of the private server.

  • Unlimited Resources
  • 0 Build Time
  • Fast Speed
  • 0 Build Cost
  • No Custom Mods

Clash Of Magic S4

The clash of magic s4 is also referred to as the Power of Magic 2. The server offers in-game commands as well. Some of the features include:

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Normal Buying Limit
  • Normal Build Cost
  • No Custom Mods
  • Normal Build Time
  • Fast Speed

What Else You Get With Clash Of Magic?

There are many new custom heroes and buildings that you can avail by choosing to play Clash of Magic. Here is a list of Custom Heroes and Custom Buildings that you can expect in this game.

Custom Heroes:

  • Warmachine (Home Village)
  • Goblin King
  • Balloon King
  • Giant King
  • Wizard King
  • E.K.K.A Queen
  • Dragon King
  • Minion King
  • Valkyrie Queen
  • Golem King
  • Hog King
  • Lava King
  • Witch Queen
  • Bowler King
  • Bat Queen
  • Mini Sparky
  • Pumpkin King

Custom Buildings:

  • Goblin Town Hall
  • Goblin Hut
  • Jonawen Tower
  • Electro Dragon Tower
  • Damager Tower
  • Skeleton Tower
  • Minion Tower
  • Villager Tower
  • E.K.K.A Tower
  • Archer Queen Tower
  • Barbarian King Tower
  • Toxic Minion Tower
  • Mini Sparky Tower
  • Ice Wizard Tower
  • Baby Dragon Tower
  • Lava Pups Tower
  • Night Witch Tower
  • Bats Tower
  • Lava Hound Tower
  • Witch Tower
  • Halloween Tower
  • Giant Skeleton Tower

How to Update Clash of Magic?

At this point you must know how to update your apk, the next steps are going to tell all you would like to know that how to install this apk and update it with the latest version.

Procedure #1: Go to your mobile settings and then go to security after that check mark the On Unknown sources choice or enable it. This will let you install programs downloaded from websites other than playstore.

Procedure #2: Now, uninstall the old app that you have downloaded and install the updated apk in your android device.

Procedure #3: After installing the updated apk, now you can play the game again where you left it and enjoy the resources.

How To Download And Install Clash Of Magic?

The installation of the popular Clash of magic game isn’t something tricky. You have to follow a few simple steps and you’ll be all set. Let’s check out how to go about it.

  1. Download the desired server apk from here.
  2. Browse to your device’s security settings and allow installations from unknown sources
  3. Once downloaded, Install it
  4. The apk will be installed and the Clash of Magic icon will show up on your device’s home screen.
  5. Enjoy the game!

So, with all the great features on offer, it’s time that you install Clash of Magic on your device and play your favorite game with an unlimited supply of resources.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clash of Magic APK?

It is a private server of Clash of Clans with four servers and additional features.

Is Clash of Magic APK Safe?

Yes, it is totally safe. I hope you will also enjoy the features.

Can Clash of Magic Work on iPhone? 

No, it does not work on iPhone.

Can I Need to root my phone for this app? 

No need to root your device for this app.

Should we need to update Clash of Lights?

Yes, you need to update it whenever the update comes it will automatically prompt you to update clash of magic apk.

Clash of Clans Account ban OR Any Privacy issue?

No, This is total Save & Secure app to use.

Final Words

I hope that you will like the Modified APK  of Clash of clans official app. It is additionally giving exactly the identical security and plans like of the official app. We’ll be very thankful if you review this amazing Clash of Magic APK. You will love that it is one of the best apps with the latest features. You will not face any issue related to security or server because it located on different servers from official app.

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