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Get a popular mcpe launcher today and see what kind of wonders it can do for you. Haven’t heard of mcpe launcher for mincraft yet? Well, there are quite a few out there and they have a single purpose to serve i.e. to enhance your experience with the Minecraft sandbox video game. If you have shown your love for the popular Minecraft game all these years and have created your new imaginative worlds, it’s time that you take your Minecraft experience to a whole new level.

mcpe launcher for minecraft

What Does An MCPE Launcher Do?

Well, if you have an idea of game mods and what they are all about, you won’t have much trouble in understanding the concept of MCPE launcher. Yes, mods are the modified versions of the game or patches that have been individually developed as an addon feature that brings some additional functionality to the game. There are thousands of unique MCPE mods available today and if you want to enjoy playing them and adding new functionality to your minecraft experience then you need a launcher app to access them. The launcher will launch the game in a different mode where you can be able to access the modded versions of the app.

What Are The Popular MCPE Mods?

Here are a few popular mods that you can enjoy playing with the help of an MCPE launcher.

  1. Structure Block Mod: It is used for copying different structures from your dream world and pasting these structures somewhere else.
  2. Hidden Debug Screen Mod: With this resource pack, you can access hidden debug screen from settings options of MCPE.
  3. PocketCombat Addon: This mod introduces nine different long range and melee weapons to your MCPE world.

So, now if you’re getting excited, download your MCPE launcher today and start enjoying the game like never before.

How To Install Mods With Blocklauncher For Minecraft?

If you want to use blocklauncher for Minecraft for installing the latest mods and having a rejuvenated experience, here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Download blocklauncher app to begin with.
  2. Browse to mods section in MCPE DL where you need to find your desired mod. For instance, if you want Achievements Mod, find it and click on download.
  3. Now launch MCPE and open Blocklauncher menu before selecting ‘Manage ModPE Scripts’.
  4. Choose ‘Import’.
  5. Choose ‘Local Storage’.
  6. Choose ‘Download’ folder.
  7. Choose Achievements v1.1.js to install it

That’s it, your chosen mod has successfully installed. You can now start enjoying it on your device!

Just like any other mods, the blocklauncher for Minecraft offers mod versions of the game that are actually the addons offering new gameplay mechanics, assets and other items. They are all aimed at making your experience with the game worthwhile and allow you to enjoy playing minecraft at its best. There are thousands of different mods available for the game and each of these mods have a different set of functionalities to offer. You can make a choice according to the type of experience you want to have and then start enjoying the game that becomes even better.

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