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One of Clash Royale’s most secret servers has released a free version for everyone. Null’s Royale – is one of the most stable servers from developers OpegitStudio. To be honest, the server from OpegitStudio has been around for a long time, but it was paid. Naturally, I did it and I even wanted to recommend it to you, but I got the key for about a week and decided to postpone this venture.

All because I can not guarantee that you sending money, get the same code for the server. Now the guys have corrected and released a free version of their server, but with minor drawbacks. Naturally, all the major buns will be on the paid version, but the freebies are also not bad. In the light version, they removed the teams and their individual maps, perhaps something else, until he noticed it.


Nulls Royale is probably the only server on which you can participate in battle 2 by 2. This was Gl-Clash Royale, but this option had removed so far and it’s not clear if they will add anything at all. At the moment I’m doing a lot of work on the list of all private servers and a small table will be prepared soon. In which you will see all the advantages of each server.

I collected some deck on Nulls Royale server, all new maps. There is a Megaritsar, flying and much more which is not yet in the original version of the game. Also, you will notice that there are tests on the server and even work. I have never seen anything like this, they really work and invented by the developers.



Nulls Royale has so many essential and exciting features which are as follow:

1000000 Gems:

You will get 1 million in this server which is absolutely free. There is also a process which will help you to create more Clash Royale Gems.

Infinite amount of Gold:

1 Million Gold is available at the start of the game. You can use this to make your strategies more powerful to defeat your Opponents.

Free Chests:

You will get every paid chest for free in this server. No need to buy any chest or to wait for a long time to unlock the chests. You can use chests anytime for free.

Battle mode 2 by 2:

You can fight with along with your friend in 2v2 mode. You can win medals and trophies. Just make a good attack by using your unlimited available resources.

Various tests:

Various tests are performed to check the functionality of the server and the server works fine everytime.

Newest maps added:

New Maps are introduced in this server. No need to unlock the things. Everything which is available in the original server is also available in Null Royale server for free.

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